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^ It's in your item slot. It's marked as "Basement key x1". It can still be used to open the door. Be warned as the item can be sold/dropped/etc. so I wouldn't recommend tampering with it.

Also, I've noticed in a few spots that certain trainers and wild pokemon haven't gotten their levels heightened accordingly like the other trainers. A prime example is the Rocket General female that you fight in Mahogany Town hideout alongside with Lance. Her pokemon are still in their early 20's whereas the general before her you encounter with the Murkrow that tells the password's pokemon are all level 58.

I wanted to let this be known incase you wanted to continue patching this game.
There are still a few errors as far as levels go, but I'm at the Goldenrod basement, at the moment.

Also, random question. When you encounter Celebi, does it have its Pokemon Crystal overworld sprite it had in the GS Ball event before battling it?
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