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Originally Posted by DavidtheDeadPhilosopher View Post
I'm suprised that no one has mentioned the negatives about this change. I suppose everyone is all in shock in awe about the no DRM thing, but in order to make this change they had to drop the 10 Member Libary system, and the ability to play the game without the disk anywhere as long as your signed into your account.

I really doubt that they will lower the prices without tearing out the Kinect.
I think it is due to the cons towering over the small benefits of those features. I don't think any one really cares that much about the 10 Member Library System, because it isn't that great in my opinion. While the idea might sound good on paper, it really isn't. If you have 10 people you want to lend the game to, but only one person can play it at any one time, then it just makes it rather frustrating. Yes, you can argue that is the same with a physical copy, but what I am getting at is it isn't any different than what we have now; physical system = Library System.
The reason people might find it frustrating, is due to this system not really improving what is in place.

Each generation, I think it is safe to say, we expect progression in systems, games and how companies handle our interests. While the latter can be taken with a pince of salt, we don't expect to have the same systems in place, which is what the Library System basically is, just on the cloud. For me, that isn't really a significant improvement on the architecture of the design and is just being flashed in our face, because it is on the cloud.
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