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Originally Posted by aka4794 View Post
No problem. If I can (I mean 'If I know answer' ), I help.

Anyway I also have question. I used hfd (Idk what is full name this tool, I got it in tool pack...) to look for pokemon moves list but it show me some strange things - some pokemons don't have moves, some pokemon have strange moveset (like Nidoran[M]: Defense Curl, Slash, Swift, Sandstorm - it looks like Sandslash moveset).
Did you change place when moveset is located?
I haven't re-located the pointer table that tells where the movesets of the pokemon are located, so it's most likely the tool that is doing stuff wrong. A good editor would be able to locate the moves pokemon learn through that pointer table.

But anyways, I have re-located lots of stuff and for example, no trainer editor made for Gold/Silver can read the pokemon data of any trainer in the game. Hex editors and assemblers (hex editors are more newbie-friendly to use than these) are your best bet for checking what is edited and where...

Originally Posted by aka4794 View Post
And, I have an idea for event - I'll send it using PM (but I must write it correctly [I still have problem with English ^.^']).
Alrighty! If it sounds good, I'll think about building it in the game. I do have most stuff planned out already though.
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