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I wasn't asking of IV's and EV's, I was asking how's possible the repoint of the RAM areas in RED\BLUE so it's possible expand the Pokedex up to 152 - some will say:<< throught asm.>>
<<ohoh... thanks>>, but saying "asm" doesn't solves the problem, infact a hex-editing operation is needed in order to move the RAM areas.

The ROM expansion is very useful, and the new banks could keep the new RAM Areas, the problem is the pointer - editable also throught asm - of course - but isn't needed only change the Hexnumber that points to the Banks\adress in which the RAM areas are located?? (after the moving of course).

someone then may say <<you have to do a disassembly>> I already saw someone trying that, but I noted also he was able to add only a pokemon #152 (like I did only by hex-editing) while the other entries were totally ignored by the game.

say only <<hex editing>>, <<asm>> or <<disassembly>> isn't the solution, - and learn asm doesn't mean that then you don't have to hex-edit anymore at all.
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