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Originally Posted by Bloodex View Post
Dude, I just OUT of school. Kinda don't want to even think about going back. D;

And I live next to Coney Island Beach. Aka Trash Beach.
I remember Coney Island from playing this bad-ass game called The Warriors which was based off the movie of the same name. It seemed pretty legit then, but then again it was a video game and supposed to be like the 1970s.... I'm wondering though, why do you call it that??

As for summer plans... Where I live, it is extremely, extremely boring. What little there is to do, has been the same thing to do all my life, so as you can imagine, it has gotten quite boring. I think this summer I really should get a job, but for some reason I just haven't been into it. I'll probably get around to soon, though, because I REALLY need some cash. It's hard though, to find a job, because I'm not 18 and can't be as available as adults, which is the one redeeming quality around here I guess. Other than that... despite what I want, I'm just going to hanging out with friends all summer... every day... doing the same boring thing, in the same boring place.... ohdearsomeonesaveme._.

Oh, and @Slenderman: When I went to Science Camp way back in the 6th grade, we went out to the Tidepools and saw some amazing things. Sea Urchins, Starfish, there was even a Squid/Octopus thing, I don't really remember... but it was cool!