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Originally Posted by Classic Sonic View Post
Those rodent Pokemon you get at the start of the know, Rattata, Zigzagoon, Sentret, Bidoof, etc. I think they don't have much thought put into them, and seem rather copy + paste to me.
I've always liked the variety in these! Raticate was an attacker, Furret was (somewhat) bulky, Linoone was the speed freak, Bidoof was dual-typed, and Watchog was... I don't know, I guess something to do with his moves? XD But yeah, I've always loved the early rodents haha, I hope they never stop making them!

Personally I think the Magnemite and Klink families are far too similar. They both go through their evolution forms in pretty much the exact same way and are both Steel/machine-like Pokémon, the only difference being that Magnemite is a special attacker and Klink is physical. I never liked that they introduced Magnemite v2, it seemed like a really lazy concept haha.
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