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Gavin "Rhodey" Rhodes
Episode 1, Part A, Sub-Part 1

Another day, another adventure. This was just a common saying that Rhodey liked to say to himself in the morning. It never occurred to him that it might be right for once, but that was neither here nor there. The streets of New York were as active as ever with the thousands of people traversing the city, all attempting to get to either their job or some shop. One thing that was different today was the awesomely cold weather. It was such a surprise in this modern time. Rhodey himself was heading towards his day time job, working at the Broadway Vinyl music store, which ironically wasn't on Broadway. To be honest, he was still tired from the previous night. So many weird technical problems ruined their show, not to mention messed up their opportunity to impress the record label. It was a just an overwhelmingly terrible experience. Rhodey wondered when they would get a second chance, but he figured everything would turn out okay, so he left it at that. Instead, he pulled out his phone and pulled up an article about the recent transfer news for the various soccer teams he liked.

It took him a few minutes to read through the article, and man did it upset Rhodey. One of the targets for Chelsea, Gareth Bale, went and joined Real Madrid.

"Damn you, Gareth Bale." Rhodey said, jokingly while shaking his fist in the air.

That was such a disappointing turn of events for his team, but it's not exactly like they needed the player. They were, after all, stacked as stacked can get. Honestly, he didn't even know why he cared about it. He shrugged it off and continued to read through another article, apparently Ibrahimovic decided to retire. Rhodey laughed at the thought the biggest nose in the sport was gone. By the time he finished the article he was next to a bakery. He could have sworn that he had heard about this place, but he couldn't place where. Then it finally dawned on him, Shelly, the girl who relieved him in the afternoon, always talked about this place. She would always say how good the bear claws were. Rhodey was smiling ear to ear, he loved bear claws!

He walked into the bakery and there it was. The ever so talked about bear claws. Rhodey licked his lips, just waiting for a chance to sic his teeth into one. He walked up to the counter and immediately asked for his order.

"One, no, two bear claws, please. I need one for each hand."

The last part was said with a bit of a laugh. Now that he noticed, the girl behind the counter looked young, real young, and she had purple hair. A bit unusual to most, but Rhodey was used to those kinds of things. He's even seen a girl that had green, blue, and pink colored hair. It was like a kaleidoscope of colors. Perhaps she was even a fan? Rhodey thought it would be kinda cool, but he wasn't exactly well-known. A guy can dream, right?

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