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This news has been spreading all over the media since I believe around 2011. We're living in a day of age where almost everyone owns smartphones, apps, androids, and other small devices that include micro-games that are meant to be time-killers. However, there's been a lot of media coverage about the concern of both the console market and the handheld market's future when people are buying more smartphones and tablets than video game consoles and handheld, as well as being multi-media devices. Some even considered that the tradtional gaming market will be dead in a few years and all of Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft's titles will have to be converted to mobile games in order to survive. This is how I believe why the Xbox One was created: to compete with the mobile market with its multi-media features, why people are being doom and gloom about Nintendo's future for not taking a similar route as Microsoft, Sony, and the mobile market, and why another video game crash is expected. Many gamers oppose the idea that mobile games will kill the gaming market, since the games in our smartphones and tablets have about the same quality as a mediocre 2600 game. Here I'm asking you guys: Is the mobile market really killing the gaming market, or are worrying about an apocalypse that's never going to happen soon?
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