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Kit beamed at the new customer, giggling at his joke. He seemed like a bit of a punk. Well, that was cool to her. She had seen more unusual. Heck, she was more unusual. He has said... "Two bear claws, right? But don't you want four, two for your feet?"

Maisie, a young, but cheerful woman, exited the back, gently thwapped her with the back end of a spoon. "No hinting, Kit," she jokingly scolded. "We all know once we have 'em once, they always come back." She winked at Rhodey as Kit scurried past her with a laugh. "Your total with tax will be $7.23," she informed him as Kit grabbed the pastries, passing them over to Gavin.

"You can eat them in here if you want," Kit added, gesturing to the tables and unlocking the register to take his money. Maisie chuckled and retreated back into the kitchen, going right back to mixing the brownies.
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