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Adrian Fitzgerald

“What’s my motivation for today?” lying in bed, staring at the ceiling and questioning himself not unusual for Adrian, hell it happens probably three or four times a week. One thing that was certain though, even if that question was left unanswered Adrian hops out of bed every morning to tackle the day ahead and today was no different. He flung his lifeless body out of bed, cracking his neck and performing stretches in an effort to get him out of the groggy sleep state he was in. What made things even worse was the cold air rushing through the little crack in his bedroom window “Well that was CHILLING!” he chuckled a little as he quickly shut the window completely, not because his joke was funny but because it’s a joke he would hear in an old time sitcom. The temperature was a bit of a surprise especially since Adrian wasn't the sort of person to stop and actually watch the news especially something as trivial as the weather.

The breeze blowing outside and tree branch banging on the window were the only two sounds breaking the silence all around him, if you count out the traffic outside but living in the city so long has left him immune to the annoyance of car horns and engine sounds. Today was just a weird morning, Adrian found himself moving around his room more purposeless than usually making the task of getting ready to leave seem like an endless task.

"Hey dad, I'm going for a walk"

"Ok son, here some money just in case you need it"

"Psssh no thanks you gave me some cash earlier this week"

The back and forth might seem crazy if anyone ever saw him do it, but it counted as his only parental interaction in days believe it or not. Closing the door behind and doing his final wallet and phone check Adrian was off again rushing to the elevator before it closed and slipped right into the corner beside the asian couple waiting patiently and anxiously for it to reach the lobby.

"So.......crazy weather huh?" the gentleman said while holding his girlfriend close to his side

Adrian glanced at him and gave a slight nod, not interested in the idle chit chat but the man continued "Even worse we have people disappearing into what seems like thin air" this actually peaked Adrian's interest a bit since he heard about those disappearances before but it wasn't happening to him or his friends so who cares?

Ding! the elevator finally stopped and Adrian was out the moment those doors opened, with an almost brisk walk and straight unto the busy New York streets. Hot dog stands all around but really Adrian was hankering for something sweet to eat, get his early morning energy since he left without breakfast. Adrian found himself just walking, wondering more like it until he stumbled upon a little bakery, without hesitation and joined the line behind a tall gentleman who was ordering a bear claw, two to be exact and followed it up with a "joke". Adrian shuck his head at the man's comment and turned his attention to the ...... purple haired girl behind the counter.

What made it worse was the fact that the girl had added to his joke but once again Adrian ignored the comments

"I'll take a bear claw too" as he searched through his wallet for an appropriate bill to give the young girl "Just one.....for my one mouth" he added poking fun at the so called joke the gentleman in front him had said.
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