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Quote originally posted by Olli97:
There's an alternate theory to the whole Ash being 10 year old thing, because unless they just stop counting their age past 10, at least a year or 2 should've passed by now. One year can at least be confirmed, since in the Pikachu short for the third movie, Ash celebrated his 1 year anniversary of being friends with Pikachu.

Now, this other theory is regarding Ho-oh from the very first episode of the anime, where Ash wishes that he'd have a journey that'd last forever, just as Ho-oh flew by. Ho-oh's Pokedex entry in DPPt says the following: "It possesses seven-colored wings. It is said that those who see Ho-Oh are promised an eternal happiness." Some believe that Ho-oh may have granted his wish to give him the promised "eternal happiness", which imo, is a bit more believable than the coma theory, since it's mostly canon :p

So yeah, a good reason to why Ash is still 10 years despite over a year passing, however it doesn't really explain why other people still say that he's 10, since they wouldn't know that, unless Ho-oh actually implemented it into the minds of everyone.
Thats theory makes the most sense, good job dude! I hated the coma theory, for some reason it really triggered something in me. Maybe the fact that I grew up with Pokemon, always as I child I loved Ash as my VERY favourite cartoon character and ending Pokemon with him being in a coma is horrible. Your Ho-ho theory is just more believable
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