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Originally Posted by Olli97 View Post
There's an alternate theory to the whole Ash being 10 year old thing, because unless they just stop counting their age past 10, at least a year or 2 should've passed by now. One year can at least be confirmed, since in the Pikachu short for the third movie, Ash celebrated his 1 year anniversary of being friends with Pikachu.

Now, this other theory is regarding Ho-oh from the very first episode of the anime, where Ash wishes that he'd have a journey that'd last forever, just as Ho-oh flew by. Ho-oh's Pokedex entry in DPPt says the following: "It possesses seven-colored wings. It is said that those who see Ho-Oh are promised an eternal happiness." Some believe that Ho-oh may have granted his wish to give him the promised "eternal happiness", which imo, is a bit more believable than the coma theory, since it's mostly canon :p

So yeah, a good reason to why Ash is still 10 years despite over a year passing, however it doesn't really explain why other people still say that he's 10, since they wouldn't know that, unless Ho-oh actually implemented it into the minds of everyone.
Thats theory makes the most sense, good job dude! I hated the coma theory, for some reason it really triggered something in me. Maybe the fact that I grew up with Pokemon, always as I child I loved Ash as my VERY favourite cartoon character and ending Pokemon with him being in a coma is horrible. Your Ho-ho theory is just more believable
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