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Quote originally posted by Rayquaza.:
Here's my latest map, Urbador Forest:


It's a dangerous forest home to savage bug-types, and powerful grass-types. Many trainers come here to strengthen the bond they share between their Pokémon and themselves because here, the bond they share is the most crucial thing...
Looking good.
It's not an awesome map, but it is definitely good.
My only real concern is the fact that you switched the way you map trees from X-shape to straight lines in the upper part. Mixing the styles doesn't look good.


Quote originally posted by KannibalKween:
These are the first to maps I have made
Blackwater the hometown of character in my game.

Black water lake

I am in need of plenty of help so if you wanna help let me know.
Concerning both maps:
You should train more by trying to recreate stock maps out of memory. For example, try to recreate Viridian city without looking at an image from it. Then, after you are done, fix all the errors you got, by looking at an image of the map. This will make you excellent at using tiles correctly and learning basic mapping.
Because right now, you are misusing tiles widely and, no offense, the maps doesn't look that good.

You do have a talent for it though, it is visible. You are doing the concept part properly.
For example, you are doing it right when you place houses with something behind them, like trees or stuff like that, and you don't make the maps too cramped.

You should look for a mapping tutorial here, or in the rom-hacking forums.
I think you can become a great mapper, you just need a lot more training.

I've been doing this for soon 6 years, and I was as bad as you from the start. ;D

Good Luck!


Now, onto my own map:

Saffron City from my game Pokemon: Blaze Red.

Saffron lies in a desert in my game, due to the fact that I find it boring Kanto was left without proper biomes, compared to the newer games.
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