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Originally Posted by ANARCHit3cht View Post
Do you actually work out? If you do, do you perform dynamic or static stretches? If it is the latter, then you should stop immediately... It is bad to do static stretches, or stretches without movement. To warm up/cool down, you should get into something dynamic like jumping jacks or leg lifts. Static stretches actually make performance worse... and if you think about it, it kind of makes sense. If you have a rubber band that you are shooting paper wasps with, it is going to loser power when it gets stretched out. So your muscles are like that, I'd imagine.

Working out is amazing though, I can't deny the benefits of it. I don't really work out, but when I do, I like to do it in the early morning when I wake up. All I need is a banana and a little bit of a protein shake or something and I'm good to do my morning routine. Of course, I follow it up with a good breakfast afterwards. But that is a lot of work, haha, so I don't do it very often as you might imagine, because I'm lazy.
I heard the opposite. When you get out of bed you should slowly stretch the muscles first, and then gradually do static stretches with resistance (plank, horse stance/ squats, etc.)
At least that's what my podiatrist told me. It's good to stretch but not overstretch. Holding a stretch for 20-30 seconds is good, but don't "bounce" on it to try and stretch further.

I go to the gym twice a week on average (mostly I will go 2 times but sometimes I go 3 or only 1) but I'm thinking I might bump that up to 3 times a week mostly.
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