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»S C Y K E«

» Male
» 22 years old
» London, England
» Player (Level 13)

Appearance: Damon's appearance is nothing special; just of an average twenty-year old Londoner. His eyes glow with sapphire-like blue and his hair is of a dark chocolate brown, which he doesn't mess around with much and just leaves it as how it was when he wakes up, giving it a messy effect. Damon's skin is pale with only a slight tone of tan on it.

Physique-wise, Damon stands to around 5'10" and 75 kilos, which is the norm for someone his height. He isn't really built nor completely skinny, just somewhere in the middle. When not wearing his battle armour in SOA Damon just puts on a plain black top with anything that feels like the grey sweatpants he used to wear on the other side.

Personality: Damon's personality completely flipped after his time in Sword Art Online.

Before Damon's life was thrown into jeopardy by SAO, he was a spirited character with huge interest in video games and technology in general. Lively, charismatic and always smiling, Damon believed on enjoying life as much as possible. These traits helped him make much friends back in high school and beyond, and he was a popular character wherever he went. Damon enjoyed life till then, and even though he was a bit of nerd too it didn't stop him being respected.

But after Kayaba's tutorial and the announcement of the lock-down, Damon's friend from high school Sam who was with him at the time didn't believe Kayaba at all and jumped off the side of the 1st Floor, hoping that it would return him to the real world. Damon was left startled and speechless at the sight of seeing his best friend falling onto the depths of the virtual world, and after some time he started to become more quiet and closed off much interaction from other players. His emotions for the first week were gone; he couldn't feel anything at all, and it showed on his blank expressions on everything he did. He started to lose trust on everything for no reason. He contemplated following Sam and jumping off too, but the only thing that held him back was... himself. In fact, he still sometimes thinks of committing 'suicide', as according to him there isn't any proof to him that told him his real life body was to be dead as well if he did.

Now, Damon has moved on from his depression and converses a lot more, though his still far from being as charismatic as he used to be before SAO. In a night when he just couldn't fall asleep, Damon thought about death and the afterlife, and how messed up his situation was. After some serious thinking he concluded that he might as well try as hard as possible to reach as high as he could, and that if he died in combat at least it was more honorable than anything; he wasn't even completely sure if the Kayaba speech was serious or not. Though he is more sociable, he is still reserved and tends to not get too close to anyone because of his belief in trust, though he is more lenient now. He can be selfish when it comes to dropped items, and rarely gives anything away unless for Col or a greater return.

Damon's main focus is dedicated on beating the game as fast as possible, and that is why he has the Howl skill so that he can find monsters easier for grinding his levels up as quickly as possible. Because of his lack of trust on anything anymore, he developed the Detection skill so that if there were anyone following him he would know. Damon's prefers to use curve blades as since it's much easier to slash onto enemies this way. He doesn't use a shield often, as he prefers speed and finishing battles quickly before anything, though for tougher monsters sometimes he does equip one.

The only reason why he even bothered with a non-combat skill is because of in the memory of his friend Sam, who used to be part of an up-and-coming band, playing main guitar.

History: Damon was born and bred in the suburban area of London. Most of his child years he was spoiled with all sorts of stuff from his parents; new action figures, new train sets, new basically everything a kid could ask for. His parents weren't filthy rich or even any kind of rich at all; they were just above average per say, but wanted their only child to be as happy as possible. Damon's father loved video games ever since his childhood, and that brushed off his son, who demanded the newest Nintendo handheld system that came out. As he grew up Damon made new friends quickly; he would share everything with them and that made him very popular especially in primary school. His cheeriness and happy-go-lucky personality helped too, obviously.

As high school came Damon delve into the gaming world more and more, experimenting with console gaming and such. He was still as charismatic as ever outside, and somehow struck the right balance between his interests and social life. Damon continued exploring different types of games that he had never tried before, and then stumbled onto the MMO genre. At first Damon distanced himself as he felt that MMO was only for the hardcore, but after a few sessions with a friend named Sam he was instantly hooked. He found leveling up different kinds of skills fascinating, and was constantly found grinding meaningless skills such as musical ability just for the hell of it. Years went by and Damon found out about virtual MMORPGs. Amazed by how much technology had passed and the idea of actually being in the world he was playing in, Damon did sign up for the beta-testing phase, but sadly just about missed out. He was one of the first Europeans to get hands on the game.

After the lock-down event and the death of Sam, Damon mostly avoided contact with anyone and locked himself in an inn. After he ran out of Col, he started to grind up his levels as fast as possible, his inner motivation of "sod it, might as well" driving his sword on slicing as much digital flesh as he could.

Skills: - Howl
- One Handed Curve Blade
- Musical Instrument (Acoustic Guitar)
- Detection

Sword arts: Frenzic Slash - (Yellow glow) A rapid attack which triples the user's speed for a short period of time, allowing him/her unleash multiple slashes at once. Ultimately medium damage. Activated when user runs at the opponent with sword pointing towards.
Moonlight Swallow - (Blue glow) A three-hit blow; user first slashes the opponent twice in opposite directions diagonally before finishing with a horizontal slash. Last hit drains 25% of overall HP damage dealt towards the opponent and adds it to the user's health. Ultimately medium damage, though the Sword Art has a slight boost on a critical hit, with each slash building that chance. Activated when user points sword upwards.

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