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Originally Posted by Pichu2Pikachu2Raichu View Post
OMG that second to last post, what a quote.

Windows XP is the best OS

All other Windows OS are c***

You should read that second to last post and the other one I posted. Windows XP was decent for its time, but its time is long past. And the (desktop) Windows OSes since have ranged from decent to great.

Originally Posted by danks_ View Post
Oh, twocows, I have to agree on some of the stuff you posted, I do agree that OS X has some positive stuffs in it, it's just not a fit for me :) Thanks for the nice chat, I'm out of here, people's opinions are too closed and also deny to look at the positive aspects of W8, it's easier to say its s*** and c*** and what not.
It's not for me, either. I don't use it, nor will I ever unless it's in a VM or unless there's some reason I have to use it. It just doesn't fit my style.

Originally Posted by Pichu2Pikachu2Raichu View Post
Windows eight is BS and does nothing but full me with anger.

How do you close IE???? See??!!!
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