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Whenever one is looking to purchase a smartphone, it's always a difficult decision for first-time buyers as to which operating system they'd prefer to use.

Do they want to use the Apple-sanitised, timeless and application-rich iOS? Do they value the customisation and freedom offered by Android? Do they want to try out the relatively-new, Metro-saturated Windows Phone 8? Of course, veteran smartphone owners rarely have this issue, as they'll usually stand by one operating system, but for new smartphone owners, it's an exciting world of pick-and-choose.

Enough of this meaningless introduction, however:

• What smartphone operating system are you currently using?
• Have you used other smartphone operating systems? If so, which do you prefer?
• Why do you prefer this operating system over others?

I'm using iOS at the moment, but I'm not really enjoying it. It's starting to get very stale after almost four years of near-continuous use in some way, shape or form. I did have a phone that was running Android — Ice Cream Sandwich, to be specific — up until a few months ago, and I would have stayed on it if it wasn't such a terrible phone. It was a HTC Sensation: a slow, outdated waste of plastic and glass. As stated, I prefer Android over iOS, and I'll never use Windows Phone for as long as I live — while I'm not in the best financial situation to be purchasing application after application again just for the sake of another operating system, I really enjoy the extent to which Android can be personalised. The fact that it's owned by Google — and thus, tied to its various services — is a nice added bonus. Google rocks.
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