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Originally Posted by ANARCHit3cht View Post
But no really, Plumpyfoof, I find the things that you dislike about tattoos weird. You say that you believe tattoos should be a form of self-expression, with the emphasis on self, yet then you have this list of all these things that are "wrong" to do. What does it matter, what tattoo people get? It isn't on your body, nor does their choice affect you. Even if it is the most cliche tattoo ever, you don't know what meaning it could have to the person who chose it. I know plenty of people who get common symbols, and I can tell you that none of their stories behind it are the same... Not to mention, even on such symbols, people often get their own additions and changes added to it, to not only personalize it, but also to further explain the story that their tattoo was supposed to tell. Mine for instance, is the flamel cross. This happens to be on Full Metal Alchemist, but that is not where I got the symbol from. I actually happened to get the idea from Nicolas Flamel's gravestone, which has this symbol on it. When it gets boiled down to it, it essentially means what once made you weaker, now makes you stronger. I have my own experiences that have led me to put that, and while my tattoo isn't exactly the most unique thing around, it is FAR from being complete, as when I add in all the other tattoos around it, the whole thing is going to come together.
I never said they were wrong, I said "I hate" them. I see these things and I instantly know very much about that person and they are associated with people who I don't like to associate myself with.
Cliche tattoo's are cliche because so many people get them and just slap on an excuse, if their intentions were what they say it was they'd have thought of something much more original. An infinity symbol by itself because yeah forever and stuff, because they thought it looked cute on a girl on Tumblr, but if forever really meant something to them there are plenty of variations or original adaptations they could have used. I know for a fact tattoo artists hate doing the same tattoo over and over on completely unrelated people.

See now I'm not slagging on your tattoo specifically, yours is one of the few exceptions to my thorough dislike of crosses.
Crosses are a religious symbol as you may have noticed a serious Christian figure was nailed to it's evolutionary predecessor. They indicate loyalty, faith as well as wisdom and guidance. The vast majority of people who get crosses get them because they've seen them done well on others and they looked alright. That's not original, it's not even thoughtful, half the time they're not religious at all.
If they had put their own experiences and interests into a tattoo it would be much different.
Of course the small exception would be people like you who did put a lot of thought into it, and those who do believe in faith and the afterlife mostly to remember a passed loved one.

I'm sure you were "coughing" my name because yours was a home job too? The general idea is that home jobs are from crappy under-qualified and downright bad artists. Yes this is a generalisation relax, plenty of room for exception.

To me self-expression is about originality. Not something you pulled from a poster somewhere. It doesn't even necessarily have to mean anything so long as it isn't a direct rip-off of someone else's originality.
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