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Aw, this club is looking uber cute! I'd like to join, please! I think joining a club will get me motivated to post more!

Name: Mokoko.
Two cute Pokemon: Smeargle and Whimsicott.
Partner Pokemon: Winslow the Smeargle (like Winslow Homer, the artist).

Why did I join this club?

Well, first of all, I love cute Pokemon! :3 I had trouble picking my partner because there are so many cuties from each generation! I know some people may not think that Smeargle is very cute, but I do! I mean, it's like a dog wearing a little beret! That's adorable!

Hee hee, so cutesy!

Name: Gym Leader Rozu
Two cute Pokemon: Pikachu and Furret.
Partner Pokemon: Plum the Pikachu! <3 <3 <3

I wanna join! :D
Hi sis! Hope you're keeping active!
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