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The Club Lounge~

Welcome to our lovely lounge, where members can talk about their lives as a club owner. This thread is an open thread in terms of club management, as well as discussing forth any ideas to a brand new club.

This thread can be used for the following:

→Advertise your club here! Gain new members by announcing your club and recruiting new peeps.
→If you are new to club making and need help setting up a club, you can ask here.
→Got an idea for a club but don't know how to shoot it off? No worries! We can help you here.
→Club owners can discuss club maintenance, such as recruiting a new owner or announcing a special event.
→If you have a question in regards to Pokemon Clubs or want to advertise a Pokemon Club, this is not the right thread!
→This can also serve as a "quick questions" thread, in order to not bring forth an extra sticky thread. ;D
Have fun discussing!~


special thanks to avant garde for this awesome idea that still remains a good idea.

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