Thread: Diamond hack: Pokemon Ruby Magma & Sapphire Aqua
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Hey dude, I've been on this site for some time but never actually bothered making an account (Even though it says I made one a long time ago, I forgot about it and never used this account). Just a quick note: I am very picky when it comes to Pokemon Rom Hacks.

Anyways, I wanted to say that I would gladly help you translate this game, as it seems to be of high quality. As far as I know, my English is fluent and I can understand pretty much all Spanish text (I can also speak it, as I'm Portuguese, but not exactly write). If you want my support, just send me a message.

PS: As of right now, I cannot hack games yet, but I do know that editing text is a simple task. (It would really be appreciated if you came in contact with me while I still on my summer vacation, as I am very busy with school otherwise)

And finally, hope you the best of luck with this project! :D