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By Zortac
Okay, holy crap, I went too hard with the grinding and my Pokemon ignored my orders.So, I went and restarted the whole game.Now, Nathan(Squirtle) and Cian(Pikachu) are levels 8 and 15 respectively, after the battle with Brock Obama ).Now, also, another thing I did:I'm after switching to a custom palette in VBA, now my player looks like the main hero from GSC, and the HP bar is green(note:It's ALWAYS green, even if it's meant to be red) .Most things are green(even the mountains).Anyways, back to the walkthrough.I went to Route 3 and battled all the trainers there with Cian alone.(yeepee!).Now, both of my Pokemon are level 15, except for my Shaun(it's a Magikarp, I got it from the guy in the Pokemon Centre near Mt.Moon).Anyways, I went into Mt.Moon .I defeated all the trainers inside the cave(didn't meet with Jessie&James, got mixed up with Pokemon Yellow, sorry) .After getting out, my Pokemon weren't in such good conition as I expected them to be

Also, I need to GRIND, GRIND, GRIND before Misty or else I'm gonna get f***** .And so I will grind...In the next part.


Okay, people I got bored so I started Part 3A early.And, guess what?I won against my rival!(He killed my poor Cian(Pikachu) on his last Pokemon!Blast you Gary Oak!)

Hell yeah!I do!
Anyways, after defeating the 5 trainers, and the Rocket Grunt, I went into tall grass, trying to find an Abra for the Glitch Of The Part section underneath.But after finding 2 in a row, I just realised that I forgot to buy my balls, so I went to Cerulean's Mart and bought a couple.I tried the Nidoqueen glitch, it was a success, but I loaded the old save state before I tricked the youngster.Now, I went to Bills' Cottage, trying to fight as low amount of trainers as possible(you can get missingno. through the youngster trick by fighting a trainer on Route 25) .So, in Bill's house:

Okay, but ever try to separate the cells again, okay?
Anyways, this is what I got for helping him out:

Preety cool, eh?
Now, this is my team:

So, I suppose I can go to Misty's gym now without beign killed, eh?
But that's in Part 4.

15 HOURS!!!???!!! Now, that just proves my love to the spacebar button
On a side note, did anyone notice that the smilies are available in the Cerulean colo(u)r?
Team at the end of this part:
level 21
level 20

Abra level 10
Magikarp level 6


Okay, in all 3 glitches follow the same procedure except for Step 4
1) Come down to this place on Route 24:

2)Go down, and press START at the same time
This is what you should end up with:

3)Fly -or- teleport to Cerulean City
Go left 2 steps away from the trainer just like that(he's the first trainer from the west on Route 25):

Fight him, then go on to Step 5.
Go left 2 steps away from the trainer just like that(he's the 3rd trainer from the west on Route 25):
(Photo will come soon!)
Fight him, then go to Step 5
Go up 2 steps away from the trainer just like that:

Fight him, then go to Step 5
5)Then, go to Route 24(no teleporting to cerulean city!) and you should encounter the desired Pokemon.Catch it/Defeat it/Run away from it (running away from a Mew?Makes no sense)
Sometimes, you will encounter a Level 1 pokemon.In that case, you can level it up to Level 100, by getting 40 EXP or less.You can do it in Route 4 by using all your party pokemon and killing the wild pokemon at the end.Every one of your team members should get around 35 EXP.
6)OPTIONAL!Get the other two Pokemon from Step 4.
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