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I just want to play!
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Sounds like fun, I may give it a try

Gym Leader/E4/Champion (choose one): Gym Leader

Name: Danny (similar to my first real name)

Title: [Can't think of one, so maybe a bit of inspiration/suggestions will be appreciated]

Type specialty: Water

Pokemon: Dewott (everstone), Buizel (everstone), Bibarel, Palpitoad (everstone), Wartortle (everstone), Frillish (everstone)

Personality and Background:
Being born in Nacrene City, Danny decides to become a Pokemon Breeder, it started off good, made many friends - befriended many Pokemon. He felt as it he had not accomplished much, so he turns to his second option in life, to become a Pokemon Doctor, gave up the idea if it meant to be a University or College for months & years doing boring lectures and not getting a chance of to interact with Pokemon. Final option was to become a Pokemon master, after winning 8 badges and realizing how well gym leaders worked with the Pokemon - Danny got inspiration to become a Gym Leader as well, worked hard and succeeded in catching Pokemon League's attention. He was Gym's assistant when ever Marlon swims away in Humilau City - and other challengers come in for the Wave Badge.
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