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So here's something that I think would work well as a challenge, or as an extra stipulation for another challenge: No using Pokemon Centers, or depositing then withdrawing Pokemon from PCs (which, of course, heals them). Actually, there could be 3 different levels of difficulty:

Level 1: No depositing Pokemon into PCs (they could still be released, though, or if you really don't want to do that, depositing them into off-limits boxes). You could still catch new Pokemon and withdraw them, fully healed, from the PC.

Level 2: No withdrawing Pokemon from the PC. You could deposit a Pokemon into the PC and catch a new one, but it would be at the same health as when you caught it, and you would immediately need to use some precious healing items.

Level 3: No using the PC at all. Once you have 6 Pokemon, you're stuck with them.

This could be a very good challenge on its own, forcing lots of inventory and risk management, or it could even be added to other challenges to provide additional challenge. Whiting out could either mean you lose the challenge (as you're then forced to use the Pokemon Center), or just take some important money. Any thoughts? I'd be shocked if this hasn't been suggested already, but I couldn't find it anywhere...
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