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Adrian Fitzgerald

The purple haired girl, Kit he had learned her name to be from the other lady at the bakery, had helped him out and Adrian with bear claw in hand was off to eat after moving out of the line allowing th people who entered free passage to the counter. For this pastry where was better than a seat in the corner of the quaint little bakery he was already in? So that's exactly what he did, far enough from the Rhodey fellow who had not long before drawn some attention to himself with some sort of big proclamation about "getting another shot" whatever that meant.

Seemed like the little bakery was filling up quite nicely, seemed Fitzy picked a special day to come in this establishment as he watched the customers while tearing his bear claw piece by piece, slowly enjoying his breakfast. Never a dull moment watching all the different characters you could find in New York. As always though Adrian's attention turned to his phone, weird tweets about how sad it was to hear about the missing persons and others were just *****ing about the weather. Yep typical day...
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