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I see. But (regarding pokemon levels) I'd rather keep fighting trainers an excitement, than a mind game with numbers. If trainers would only seek weak opponents, then there's really no difference than just playing the main series. Now if they also have that chance of fighting strong ones, then they get to learn more.

tl;dr less about numbers, more about battling.. this is exactly what i would want to see on an MMORPG.
Well an accept and decline option between users would always be necessary. You get the player's request along with his Pokemon team where you could maybe view the summary of his Pokemon to learn their moves, their stats, etc., but instead of having to look through their stats to see, you could just check their Pokemon's levels. You have a level 10 Pidgey and the other player has a Level 61 Hydreigon, you'll obviously go LOLno without having to scan through the individual stats.

I guess the reason I like knowing at LEAST users' Pokemon stats despite the tradition is because the Pokemon world is generally technologically advanced and of course you would have an idea of what the trainer's Pokemon will be like. And in the games where you fight NPCs, you might not know their Pokemon specifically and the possible difficulty, but you have an idea depending on their trainer type and where you are in the game. If everyone in this game is just labelled "PKMN Trainer", don't sport their Pokemon in their appearance, and lastly can show no record of their Pokemon to their challenger, it will just be a massive confusion. You'll have no idea who you're fighting and you'll have no pattern of their difficulty, so...why would you fight at all? I think the Gym Badge thing is an unnecessary avoidance as could work, but it would just be SO much more convenient to figure it out by getting a summary of their Pokemon and their levels. Player levels as well. It doesn't have to be the hyper-realistic, untechnologically advanced game...I'm sure in the real Pokemon world, people will at least have the decency to at least tell you that they're incredibly strong trainers or they're new trainers despite the fact that they don't have levels. Sadly, people in the real world aren't always nice people, especially the people who play MMOs.

If you want to make people play an MMO, make sure they see something new -- not something meaningless and old. Most of the so-called tradition is still there anyway.. like the EVs, IV's, natures and whatnot. And "tradition" can be found in the main series alone. That won't be dead until the next 4 or 5 more gens imo. Let the main series keep tradition, make new games be new games based on the original.
I would love to see new aspects of the game. Maybe a method of borrowing wild Pokemon rather than capturing them which would be nice for getting around and possibly the TCG being a sport within the MMO. I'm not sure about this "oblivious to Trainer status" idea though. Just seems too inconvenient.

Actually, in many instances did Ash personally teach his pokemon new moves. A few "personal teachings" to cite is when Ash taught his treecko how to properly do bullet seed and another is when how he trained his Starly/Staravia (can't remember) to do a perfect/stable Aerial Ace. Of course, pokemon can "watch TMs" from a DVD player.. but i think it'd be more realistic if there were handbooks/manuals that let the trainer personally tutor his pokemon and/or tell him what to do. Not all pokemon are as smart as Alakazam. They're also animals. They could also be stupid. So tutoring them is mostly necessary.

...and as far as i know, there were no CD players in the anime. So i don't think TMs -as they are- would be ideal on a journey where you carry a bike in your backpack

Of course, by nature, growth and "experience", pokemon eventually learn new moves like you've said - although i'm fairly sure they don't do it on accident, but by instinct. For the case of thunder and thunderbolt, i think there's a very clear difference (visually) when a pokemon uses it... and that's the cue to tell the trainer "I CAN DO THIS MOVE NOW!!".

An idea i just came up with just now, too... Can't believe i've missed it. As an MMO, instead of "Manuals" you could instead have skill trees for each pokemon. With enough skill points invested in ember, you could learn flamethrower and flamewheel. Then with enough skill points in flamethrower and flame wheel, you could learn fire blast and flare blitz, respectively. Classic MMO style, no?

But still... like i've mentioned, imagine the trainer as a move tutor. It's his responsibility to "train" his pokemon, and teach him some new things too. Logically speaking, if a trainer can't teach his pets to do tricks, what is he? A coach? He should just be called a Pokemon coach then, and his goal is to become the greatest pokemon coach ever.
Seems like a really good idea. Though...would a fire-type's Ember evolve into a more powerful move, or would you be able to keep the Ember and just learn a new move? I'd sometimes like to keep weaker moves in case I'm in a tight space with legendaries, only need to do a little more damage and don't want to waste a powerful move, or just for general strategic purposes.

And we still need to figure out how battling would work on significantly different terrains...WE MUST NOT REST UNTIL OUR FANTASIES ARE PERFECT.
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