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Originally Posted by teamVASIMR View Post
I see some ideas from Hackers (with Ingen and their velociraptors). That was a cool premise, glad to see it live on in some limited form.
Actually, this is mostly from Jurassic Park. I just like dinosaurs, and it's probably one of the best reengineered-dinosaur-based thriller novels of the twentieth century.

Originally Posted by teamVASIMR View Post
At first I was like "yay 2 chapters at once" (maybe black and white versions in parallel) but then superficial visual inspection indicated that the chapters were identical. Just to make sure, I copied and pasted them into PSPad to and did a text diff. NO differences were found between the posts.

Oops. Looks like I accidentally double-posted it. I can't imagine how that happened; surely I'd notice pasting the text into the editor twice? Anyway, thanks for pointing it out. I'll take down the duplicate.

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