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"Hey kid be careful with that thing." I said to him, "If you shoot me I'll break my foot on your head." I turned toward the ghasts. Seven against four, we are severely outnumbered. I'm still tired from the last fight too. I looked at the other three, I know the girl is a soldier, but how much fighting experience does she have? I doubt the other two have had many fights either. I was sore, and I had never fought enemies like this before, they were not any beast that I was used to. I wish I knew more about them.

I took a closer look at one, and was surprised to find out that I could quickly deduce their strengths, weakness, even their attacks. "They are weak to Water, Ice, Fire, Wind, and Lightning!" I yelled, "Be careful of their fire attacks!" I readied my weapon, Can I even use those elements? Hell, what does that even mean? I made the first charge, striking one with my gunblade then kicking it to the ground. I then ferociously fired six shots at it, then two energy balls.

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