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No, I don't pray. Prayer, aside from religious tradition, is wanting something to happen without working for it or simply not allowing nature take its course. I want many things to happen, but most of those things I logically push aside because there's no evidence or support for its occurrence or it's simply improbable and I know my prayer isn't going to increase my chances.

In the eye of science, you're just saying words. Those words don't travel to some entity and allow your desires to come true. The vibrations emitted wither away. There are plenty of people who pray in dire situation, like they're stranded in the woods on the brink of starvation and are praying to be rescued, but nothing happens and they die. There are people whose families are in pain and they're praying for them, but their families die. All of these terrible things can never get answered, so I'm sure whoever's supposed to answer my little and selfish prayers isn't going to if they're not even answering the bigger fish to fry.
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