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Originally Posted by Olli97 View Post
Hnggg, these episodes are waay too short. Every week I just want more and every week just goes by slower and slower hfdsuifhf. I really hope this anime doesn't do an SAO and start off amazing and just gets progressively more and more boring with each episode, because that was so disappointing. But yeah, loving the anime so far, with how intense and on-edge every episode (nearly :p) feels, and it's just such an interesting and well-done plot. I wouldn't really call it unique, since it can kinda be compared to a lot of zombie movies and such, but unlike with those, I actually find this anime interesting :D

Get moving already! They spent a whole episode getting to that boulder, and then a whole episode protecting Eren from the titans. Not getting anywhere! And I'm still curious to what caused titan Eren to attack Mikasa in the first place, since I didn't think he cared about anything other than killing titans >:O But yeah, hoping we'll see some action and some actual progression in the episode, because the last two have been relatively boring (relatively being a key word, since they're still amazing kdfhsfhg). Also I don't get how Eren can't see that Mikasa is madly in love with him :O She's constantly doing everything to protect him, and always wants to be with him. Like, I get why he would think she's just treating him as a little kid, but sheez. Take the hints man!

This basically =/ I thought it was just me but it seems generally these episodes ARE really slow. I feel like nothing really happened this past episode. If you think about it, if there's only going to be 25 episodes, then we're halfway through.
How are they going to explain Titan Eren, Eren's basement, finish the battle of Trost, and explain Titans sufficiently in another 13 episodes? Maybe 25 episodes just represents one season... but still. :x
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