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The first ever touchscreen phone I had was the Samsung Tocco. I feel like it's the real precursor to the Galaxies around today.

Now though I'm working with a HTC Wildfire S. While it's a great OS (the customizability, the great free apps and the all round personal feel to it), the phone itself isn't great. I feel like they hadn't exactly gotten everything down yet. The internet randomly completely stops and returns me to the phone's home page, it'll randomly freeze and reset itself, and Google phones are so tied in with Facebook that it's ridiculous. I lost 28MB worth of memory for a bunch of ******* Facebook names to appear in my phonebook. It's just stupid, especially when I'm not a big facebook person to begin with.

In terms of the OS though, I'd prefer is over iOS. By now though I'm so used to the Android version that iOS seems extremely confusing to me when I pick up an iPhone.
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