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"Ah! One second okay?"

Kit totally missed the compliment for a moment, as she had to unplug the cash register. "Silly old thing... always does this..." Then she smiled back up at Kali. "Thanks! I like your outfit~ Your total is $12.47!" She skipped off-literally skipped- to get their requested items. "Jessibelle~ I need to heat up the hot chocolate! Can you get the waters?"

"If you stop calling me a darn girl!" he said with a snort, pulling the cold beverages out. He winked at the two girls as Kit busied herself behind him. "Better be careful your hands don't chill. It's a mighty bit cold out there this morning."

Kit capped the beverage and placed it onto the counter next to the muffin. "Be careful, it's hot!" She said this to Kali with an impish little giggle.

"You two! Is the news on?"

"Yes~" the two teenagers called back. Jessie snorted and flicked on the TV. "Dunno why she wants it on," Jessie grumbled. "Depressing as always."

"They're still covering that silly trial though," Kit chirped. "Miss Maisie loves the sound of politics." Wrapping up the sugar cookies, she plopped a pack of napkins down on top of them, pushing the items to their customers and clicking open the register again. "Here you two go! Sit and enjoy okay?" Then she paused. "You guys are on a... trip or something aren't you?"

"You have that look to you," Jessie elaborated. "Traveling in packs."

Like dog packs?

Lark frowned. "Huh?" Hearing nothing again, she shook her head. Must be someone else talking.
"Perhaps I misjudged you after all."

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