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Time to update!

-Senkei evolved into Bayleef
-Defeated Elder Li at the Sprout Tower and received the Aubade Orb as well as TM70 Flash
-Obtained HM06 Rock Smash
-Eevee evolved into Espeon
-Natu learned Extrasensory
-Espeon learned Confusion

-Challenged Violet City Gym Leader Falkner
-Falkner sent out Doduo (M, Lv.12)
-Extrasensory OHKO Doduo
-Falkner sent out Murkrow (M, Lv.14)
-Had a lot of trouble taking Murkrow down, losing all except Natu
-Natu learned Miracle Eye
-Falkner sent out Chatot (M, Lv.12)
-Extrasensory OHKO Chatot
-Falkner sent out Swablu (M, Lv.14)
-Two hits of Extrasensory were needed to take down Swablu
-Falkner sent out Farfetch'd (M, Lv.12)
-Extrasensory OHKO Farfetch'd
-Falkner sent out Pidgeotto (M, Lv.15)
-Two hits of Extrasensory were needed to take down Pidgeotto
-Leader Falkner was defeated

-Received the Zephyr Badge and TM51 Roost
-Received Egg from Prof. Elm's assistant
-Registered Falkner in the PG
-Saved progress for now


Natu (F, Lv.22)
Extrasensory, Air Cutter, Confusion, Miracle Eye

Senkei/Bayleef (F, Lv.16)
Tackle, GrassWhistle, Razor Leaf, PoisonPowder

Shirayuki/Espeon (F, Lv.16)
Tackle, Confusion, Bite, Sand-Attack

Ralts (F, Lv.16)
Confusion, Growl, Double Team, Teleport

Another update!

-Ralts learned Extrasensory
-Espeon learned Quick Attack
-Ralts evolved into Kirlia
-Kirlia learned Magical Leaf
-Senkei learned Magical Leaf
-Espeon learned Power Gem
-Arrived at Azalea Town

-Was challenged by Rocket Executive Proton
-Proton sent out Voltorb (Lv.17)
-Extrasensory OHKO Voltorb
-Proton sent out Cacnea (M, Lv.17)
-Air Cutter OHKO Cacnea
-Proton sent out Koffing (M, Lv.18)
-Extrasensory OHKO Koffing
-Proton sent out Zubat (M, Lv.17)
-Senkei fell to Zubat, but Espeon managed to defeat it with Power Gem
-Rocket Executive Proton was defeated

-Natu evolved into Xatu
-Espeon learned Psybeam
NB: Speaking of Espeon, I just noticed in the OP that I could use any stage along Eevee's path. So, once I can obtain it, I will be breeding Espeon and Ditto, to hopefully obtain another female Eevee, and then evolving it into the Eeveelution that I like the most (Glaceon). Unfortunately though, I will have to wait until I get to the Ice Path before I can evolve Eevee.
-Kirlia evolved into Gardevoir
NB: Yay! My favourite Pokemon is now ready to be used!

-Challenged Azalea Town Gym Leader Bugsy
-Bugsy sent out Butterfree (F, Lv.18)
-Air Cutter almost KO'd Butterfree but then it used U-turn
-Bugsy sent out Pinsir (F, Lv.19)
-Air Cutter OHKO Pinsir
-Bugsy sent out Yanma (F, Lv.18)
-Air Cutter OHKO Yanma
-Bugsy sent Butterfree back out
-Air Cutter OHKO Butterfree, after Bugsy used a MooMoo Milk on it
-Bugsy sent out Beedrill (F, Lv.18)
-Extrasensory OHKO Beedrill
-Bugsy sent out Scyther (F, Lv.21)
-Air Cutter OHKO Scyther
-Bugsy sent out Heracross (F, Lv.19)
-Air Cutter OHKO Heracross
-Leader Bugsy was defeated

-Received the Hive Badge and TM89 U-turn
-Registered Bugsy in the PG
-Gardevoir learned Shock Wave
-Saved progress for now
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