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Originally Posted by Archeops View Post
Yes, I perfectly understand what you're saying. I based my White Kyurem backsprites on the 3D Pro model, too, but back then I didn't know you used a specific shading style for your sprites. Now, I'm attempting to see how I could improve my sprite; should I use the shading of White Kyurem's B2W2 backsprite?
All of my backsprites are in the style of the 4th Gen games.

By the way, you may have heard of a ROM hack named Pokémon Vega. That game has a small amount of Unova Pokémon, but most of them have entirely new poses, such as Ferrothorn and Eelektross, as well as unique backsprites. I could send you a PM featuring several of those Pokémon, if you'd like.
No, that would be stealing.

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