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Arthur sat and listened to the exotic accent of the Middle-Eastern girl with growing disdain. She seemed, to him, to be the most pointlessly hostile and stuck-up bowl of acid indigestion he'd met in the school. And arrogant. Her name didn't sound one bit difficult to pronounce, but there she was all social distance, patronisation and condescension. Balls to her attitude. Arthur began making a mental list of mispronunciations of her name. And, the girl never once looked at the rest of them.

Suit your bloody self, love, he thought as Yunia stopped flapping her tongue. Christ, if they were going to work together exclusively over the coming months then that bird was going to be a challenge. He let himself sigh as loudly as the "Persian" had, though made it into a sound of impatience.

The last classmate in the room pushed her chair back, and Arthur looked round to watch her talk. She seemed nice enough. A looker, that one. She'd get plenty of attention from the rest. Arthur only admired her, though. His heart was way back in England. Her power didn't seem much more than toughness and strength from what she described, but the question to exactly what it looked like in action piqued his curiosity. When Alexandra mentioned her country of birth Arthur's brows rose. He'd pegged her accent for North American. Did they all sound like that in Sweden? A question for later, if they got talking. He doubted it.

With no-one else to speak, he looked again to the front of the class at where the tutor stood, and waited.
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