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Sooo super awesome bump that actually has useful info.

So I found this post by ipatix that contains a program that generates a list of offsets for sound tables. I used it on the U version of the game and it gave me the following offsets. I plan to look at it soon and see if I can make heads and tails of the GAX sound engine. Although, with limited time, anyone can look at it if they wish. Now, on to the tables' offsets!

No 01: 2A3684
No 02: 216934
No 03: 211BA0
No 04: 21430C
No 05: 2A9684
No 06: 263990
No 07: 29E7A0
No 08: 2A5278
No 09: 7FC150
No 10: 261320

Major important edit:

So, I was looking on the interwebs to find a music rip of this game, and I came across a jewel of information that could be unused content within the game.

-Crash Bandicoot 2 N-Tranced - There is a song test feature that can be accessed when the Current Level identifier is hacked. I might consider using a savestate for the GSFLib. (That's your cue to add state support.)
Source - HCS Forums

My next question, is what is this level identifier? I presume it's something in the RAM, but I'll have to look deeper and find out.

Edit: (U VERSION ONLY) If you pop open a memory viewer and go to 0x0200014 (or rom offset 0x007FBD18) and change it to a non-zero value, you'll enable a hidden debug option still in the game. I'm not gonna say what it is, but I plan to add it onto TCRF at some point soon.

Edit: mehhh I'll spill what this does. When that byte is set to a non-zero value, it doubles the speed of the game. However, audio remains at 1x speed. It'd probably have been binded to a button combo or debugger menu option so that it could be enabled/disabled at will to speed up slow parts of the game, like the intro or credits.

(Gameshark SP/Codebreaker code E99B8028 EC01 will also activate this unused feature. Works on hardware as well.)

Edit: Level identifiers by hex! Identifiers: 02002744:XX 03007DA8:XX, credits to Einstein95 on TCRF (Also signed up on PC, Thanks a ton!) for finding this.

00 - Island Intro (Level 1)
01 - Prints of Persia (Level 2)
02 - Lagoony Tunes (Level 3)
03 - Globe Trottin' (Level 4)
04 - Pharaoh's Funhouse (Level 5)
05 - Runaway Rug (Level 6)
06 - Tiki Torture (Level 7)
07 - Hoppin' Coffins (Level 8)
08 - Barrel Roll (Level 9)
09 - Flockful of Seagulls (Level 10)
0A - Magma Mania (Level 11)
0B - Run From The Sun (Level 12)
0C - Now It's Istanbul (Level 13)
0D - Mister Lava Lava (Level 14)
0E - Water Logged (Level 15)
0F - Slip-N-Slidin' Sphinx (Level 16)
10 - Rocks Can Roll (Level 17)
11 - Rock The Casaba (Level 18)
12 - Eruption Disruption (Level 19)
13 - Spaced Out (Level 20)
14 - King Too Uncommon (Level 21)
15 - Wild Nile Ride (Level 22)
16 - 101 Arabian Kites (Level 23)
17 - Fire Walker (Level 24)
18 - Evil Crunch (No level number)
19 - Evil Coco (No level number)
1A - Fake Crash (No level number)
1B - N. Trance (No level number)
1C - N. Tropy (No level number)

Notice anything? Yes, the level numbers are the hex equivalents. That's how the game draws the level numbers. Also, I don't know if there's any unused levels in there yet, all I've done is up to 1C. I don't know where the bonus levels are identified at.

And while I'm at it, I'm documenting some of these things on TCRF as well.

Also, going along theory, I think that there is not only a current level identifier, but a current map identifier because of the bonus levels, and the fact that they need to be loaded as well. I want to see if I can find this as well.

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