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Username: SNOR(es)LAX
Game: White 2

Optional Rules:
You must nickname all of your Pokemon.
You must change the battle style to SET.
You may not use legendary Pokémon. (I will be catching them, but not going to use them)

Update #1
Started of with a Quiet Snivy nicknamed Calefare.
Went on with the usuals and got my Pokeballs and Pokedex.
On Route 19, caught a Mild natured Purrlion.
Went on and defeated all those kids near that champions house.
Went to Route 20 and defeated all those trainers.
Tried my luck at Floccesy Ranch and to my luck and surprise, I got a Riolu, I nicknamed him Blueberry.
Encounter on Route 20 is a Level 2 Sunkern named Growth.

Current Team:

Calefare the Level 8 Quiet Snivy

Purge the Level 7 Mild Purrlion

Blueberry the Level 5 Calm Riolu

Growth the Level 2 Adamant Sunkern

No one yet, hope it continues!