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Friday came, and went ... Still no post.
The following Tuesday a new post, FINALLY.

It took me so long to write that post. It took 5 separate writing occasions to put together the post that went up this morning. I just hope things are winding down for chapter one. I foresee one more post from myself at least before I reach Cherrygrove City. Excitement is rising.

Anyone notice Bleacher has been M.I.A. since June 9th? or something like that.. I hope everything is okay.

@ORegan I'm not sure if there's any specific rule to learning TM's, but the rule on items is you can find, receive, or steal anything as long as it makes sense to the story.

I think my first starter may have been Squirtle? Bulbasaur is still #1 & If you know nothing about Pokemon, you know 3 things indefinitely; Ash Ketchum, Pikachu & the 3 Kanto Starters.

& About your standup it sounds raunchy. That's my kind of comedy

@Crimson0191 That makes me feel so old. I was in the middle of high school when D/P/P came out. The generation gap is crazy though. I'm sure I was in early middle school when R/S/E came out, and I was YOUNG then.

I don't know if not having trainers around is reason enough to go inactive. Especially if you have the freedom to travel develop your character, or build up some sub-plots until we catch you to your excellence.

@Geras32 & Good question buddy. I was beginning to wonder the same thing myself.
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