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Quote originally posted by TheFattestSnorlax:
Snorlax ★ TheFattestSnorlax

Just making sure, if everything's okay.
you claimed that forever ago :P

Quote originally posted by Virgilin:
Vileplume ★ Virgilin
Togekiss ★ Virgilin

Thanks! ^^
Sorry, but you must have 100 posts or more to claim. When you reach that, please resubmit in alphabetical order.

Quote originally posted by .Eevee-Chan:
Hello! :3


Meganium ★ .Eevee-Chan
Togekiss ★ .Eevee-Chan


Kingdra ★ .Eevee-Chan
Milotic ★ .Eevee-Chan
Sylveon ★ .Eevee-Chan

Now all my spots are filled! Thank you! c:
Unfortunately you already have six claims up, so I can't add the three if you're only removing two. :T Decide which you want and resubmit please!
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