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Having stopped failing and found where to continue the storyline, I find myself stuck one again (I = bad)

After Gleis has chased me in the sewers:

"I know that today's the day I receive my first POKeMON, but I still want my breakfast first."
Where do I go / what do I do from here?

EDIT: After reading up apparently your mother is meant to be downstairs in your house (Dream house type thing)? She's not here, and I've tried clicking on every single space.

Originally Posted by Cutlerine View Post

Originally Posted by Kuttaa

"Great Game it has a engaging storyline but i have encountered a bug after gleis puts me out with a wave of his hand i woke up but after i go outside it says u must have breakfast now people are saying talk to ur mom but there is no mother will somone plz help me dont ignore!"

Another unfixable glitch... I can't apologise enough.

=( Guess that means I'm done with the game. Not sure if I want to restart the entire thing and hope for the best.

Ending team:

Lvl 70 Celebi (Vegemite)
Lvl 62 Feraligator (Meatslop)
Lvl 65 Breloom (Swagweed)
Lvl 63 Emolga (AC-130)
Lvl 59 Weezing (Hitlers)
Lvl 60 Donphan (Yelps) <-- (Anyone get that reference?)

'twas an awesome game! =D Thanks Cutlerine.
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