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When I was about younger and an attractive guy looked my way, I can admit that I did get butterflies :3

Now that I'm older, I work around gorgeous guys often and I've realised that they can be douchenuggets, so I've become far less affected by them.

Not to say that I wouldn't start to stutter if Ian Somerhalder waved at me
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[19:45] -Dark Azelf: she is evil and cute kinda like satan except in a bunny forme

[00:57] -Kanzler: stupid guys make me homo
[23:11] +PervertedPika: Yeah, I have had bad things happen when my family was home and I was having Marky time in my room ;.;
[11:02] ~Zeffy: when in doubt
[11:02] ~Zeffy: fap again
[23:38]+Nakasu: Firmly grasp deez nuts
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