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Welcome to the new Recolours and Fusions thread where all your fusion-and-recolour-posting needs belong here! I decided to do some cleaning and wanted to start fresh with this thread seeing how the old thread was a couple years old.

Rules & Guidelines

Official Pixel Art rules apply

Official Pokecommunity rules apply
This means that regardless of what you post, it must be contain 4 words and 25 characters the very least. Try to make your posts constructive as well to help the artist. This also includes no bypassing the rules as well such as the repetition of a certain character:
Originally Posted by 4 words/25 Characters bypassing
The sprite is goodddddddddd!!!!!!!!!!!
When posting your sprite, you can upload it to various websites such as TinyPic or Photobucket. Use IMG tags to help you post your picture (sprite); to do so, use the IMG bbcodes
[IMG]Picture URL here[/IMG]


Just to clarification this place is only to post sprite recolours and fusions. If you would like to post your scratch (meaning work produced without the use of other sprites and pixel art in our case) then do so in the Spriter's Showcase Thread. And any discussion about Pixel Art programs, Pixel Art, spriting tips, etc. can be done in the General Pixel Art Discussion thread.

Recolours can be considered a broad term for a type of sprite, but for clarification what examples that should be posted here are
  • Flat out recolours like changing the palette, body colours and shades of an existing sprite. Note that it does NOT only have to be a Pokemon sprite and it could be a sprite from another game that is recoloured such as Sonic sprites. Seeing how it is a Pokemon forum, Pokemon is expected.
  • Shadow Pokemon, patterns, Retypes*, Outlines
  • And fusions included in this thread. Amalgamations* are allowed.
* an amount of detail and scratch work would be required to consider it as original work

Having an all-in-one thread for fusions and recolours help prevent clutter here in Pixel Art. Recolours and fusions are great and all but showcase threads are mainly to show original work including scratch work-- we wouldn't want hundreds of threads containing just fusion/recolour work. Keep in mind if you want your own showcase you must contain 4 original/scratch work, after that you may post as many fusions and recolours you'd like in your showcase thread.

OP of old thread

Originally Posted by Amachi
Recently, there has been a surge in activity in the Pixel Art section, and by all means, this is great. More people means more activity, and it's always great to see new people trying out pixel art for the first time - brings back the memories.

Anyway, the deal is that if every new person makes a thread about the handful of sprites they've edited, then the threads that actually contain work that were made with effort and dedication, and therefore deserve attention, get overrun and ignored.

So this thread is for all your recolours and fusions. Post them here, and only here, get them rated and criticised. Furthermore, anything like shadow, trophy, chao and so on are also to be posted in this thread.

Hopefully this will also encourage you all to move away from this starting point and move on to more detailed and creative pixel art works.

Keep pixeling!
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