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I would want to be a steel type leader, because the spectrum of steel types is very broad and include many other types. So I can sneak in some pokémon I like a lot or just think fit :D Plus, steel types are cool, often have slashing moves and are pretty straightforward. Which I like.

Name: Chayne (get it? chain :D)
Title: Gym Leader
Speciality: Steel type


Why Metang and Magneton? Because there's no fun in having the very strongest pokémon available at all times :3 I would not like to be the very last gym leader in a region anyways. Maybe the 6th or 7th. Plus, even though I do love Metagross, I like Magneton's design a lot better than Magnezone's and Magneton and Metang look better as a duo ;)

Scizor and Empoleon would be my main fighters, with Ferrothorn as a clever backup and Steelix as a powerhouse. The M-duo would be for double battles or when I need some psychic or electric, and I would probably keep those two out of their pokéballs often, just floating about near me.