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Originally Posted by Harlequin View Post
Ah yes, more pressing issues than the oppression of a minority group, that's right.

so now people are saying being gay is the same as being black(African American)? Really? WTH is going on with the planet..

No one seemed to care when we came here and took everything from the Natives(American Indians)..

I'm really done with the topic.. I wasn't aware that not being able to marry is as severe as not being able to eat with white or everyone else, or you must give up ur seat to a white cause of the color of ur skin or it stops you from living your life as most others.. The only restriction gays have is not being able to marry. As a straight heterosexual man I look at marriage as something I plan to avoid at all costs, if I find love, good. But getting married is not a necessity to live a great life, or be with the one i love..

You're right, wanting equal rights is a selfish thing, and I think ensuring equality for all should be the top concern of any body, yes, even above economic interests. If even one segment of the population does not enjoy equal rights, it negatively affects the economy.
Again you are arguing this like gays don't basically get every freedom any other american gets day to day.. The only thing a gay cannot do is marry, which like i said above does not in anyways stop them from living a full and glamorous life... You cannot argue this like its oppressing them because frankly it is not, blacks were oppressed, women were oppressed, gays are not.. Hell they are even allowed in the military. Everything I stated in this is MY OPINION agree with it or not it is mine to have.. I have nothing against gays, im not one of those people who think gays marrying is somehow ruining the tradition of marriage, besides that was ruined along time ago. Idc if two gays get married, like i said marriage means very little to me. I'm just saying there are more important issues than two people of the same sex being allowed to marry..
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