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Originally Posted by FennekinFox View Post
Hi, I need help with completing my White 2 Unova Dex.

In need of these Pokemon:
Buneary, Vullaby, Roserade, Vespiquen, Shuppet, Shuckle, Corsola, Wailmer, Bronzong, Seel / Dewgong, Larvitar / Pupitar.

Don't really know what to offer, but I have 36 Vulpix that were bred, mostly Modest and Naive nature.
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Hi Fennekin, I've got your order ready for pickup! I'm heading out for the afternoon but will be available starting at about 7pm eastern time. Let me know what works for you. I will be on W2 fc.

In terms of the trade, I'm looking for dwfs, ev trained Pokemon or events. If you don't have any of those, I will take some vulpix off your hands!
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