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Yeah same here! :3

Username: Meganium90
Reason for Joining the Club: PC is pretty much my internet home and it has been for the past three years I've been here. I've done everything here, from becoming a moderator, to hosting events at the Get-Together. There's a few more things that I'd like to creating a ROM Hack or attempt to write a Pokemon fanfiction, but the most important thing is friendship. I've met a lot of great friends here and it's a place where our friendship grows.
Who's PC's Site Admin?: Rukario, the PC overlord.

I'm very excited for the GT coming up. It's going to be massive. I'm actually excited for the Video Game event because I'm actually able to participate in it, now that I have Team Fortress 2! I'm also excited for the Skype event, given that I'll be hosting it once again for the 3rd time this year.
i wanna make your h e a r t beat
i love it when it b e a t s for me, yeah
imma make sure that you f e e l alive

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