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Originally Posted by Projectwolfie View Post
I'm pretty sure that's a happiness evo with Alakazam, but I'm not sure.

Also uh... OP, you're cutting into the wrong data with Advance Map. I can tell because of the Static Seedot Cry, which I just saw being triggered. It's not reversible (not even by replacing cries in PokeCry) unless you start over, but just be careful.

Yeah, thanks for the heads up. I'm noticing more and more errors pop up now due to AdvanceMap altering things. I'm probably going to put this on the back burner and redo everything up until now to correct these problems... :\

Also, thanks for the feedback on the Level Curve. I was worrying about it not being appropriate, but I've not heard a ton of hate either way.

Originally Posted by Kanade Otonashi View Post
I dunno for sure, but mine evolved at Level 31. It could still be a happiness thing for sure, but that's where mine evolved.

Also, I'm assuming this is a bug, but if you catch a Paras with the ability Damp, and evolve it, the Parasect has no ability.

I'll look into this Paras bug (heh) too. It's probably just an oversight on my part. All "trade" evolutions should be handled by happiness at this point in time, but if I can correct what I experimented with a week ago, expect to see link cables scattered in Hoenn!
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