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1) Yes, right now. There is no purpose or motivation to my life anymore, i'm failing pretty bad, and the future looks grim...

2) No, I've never witnessed any large scale disruptive event, living in Sydney it's pretty safe geographically in terms of Earthquakes, Tsunamis etc. If I was in the middle of a huge riot or brawl I think I would go hide where no one could find me, crowd mentality is scary and I wouldn't want to risk being injured or killed if I was a bystander. A food fight would be awesome though, I'd also love to try leap into a pool of jelly, custard or ice cream but that's off topic :D With any catastrophe I think it'd be a good time to prove yourself using your wits, preparation and leadership to survive and assist others.

3) :D

My thoughts on disruptive events are that they are obviously unpleasant but also inevitable and people should always be prepared and calm for when they occur
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