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I Have Two favourite villians from two Games who came out recently

One of them is Handsome Jack from Borderlands 2

I love the way he constantly trys to insult you in different ways and also trys to make you belive that despite your efforts you could never beat him.

He also makes himself look better as everyone else and this lets you belive he isnt that dangerous
But behind the show he is doing is a dark-minded evil genius who will not stop until he succeds with his plans.

Two examples are that he used the powers of his own daughter against her will for his own plans and will destroy everyones lifes and hopes for his dream of the Vault.

My second Favourite villian is Vaas from Far Cry 3

Not only has he one of the best voice acting I ever heard for a Video Game character

He also is one of the more Interessting Villians I have Seen. The Moments where he gets from calm to angry are perfect and that he seems to be crazy and trys to make you look crazy is also very good.

And behind that is some sad background story that the island and the people who he worked with made him so.
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