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1. What is one thing you like about yourself that other people might not like about you?
I like how I am able to see the inside personality of people, what's the word, perseptive. I am very perseptive in some ways, and have ben told that many time. I think people often don't like me because of many reasons. the first being I'm ginger, and long ago I used to have a gignger friend named adam, who them after a while I realised how annoying he is, and how his social skills are low, so I started to tell him to leave me alone and stuff, and then a few people stuck up for him. I don't look great but I'm not bad looking. I have friends who are way better looking than I am, and people often take that as an opurtunity to descreetly insult me, thinking I'm too thick not to notice.

2. If you could be any Pokemon which Pokemon would you be, and why?
Lucario, because they look cool, plus they are quite human like. I wouldn't like to be four legged because I would be quite 'unable' in some ways, plus lucario can learn psychich and he is really strong.

3. This one is special Tell us 3 things about your character that don't meet the eye. (Two of them have to be true, one of them must be a lie. Try hard not to make it obvious ... This would be a cool way to add more depth to your character, and start a fun conversation about all of our characters)
Hm, 2 true 1 lie. -
1 - Scott's true passion has always been to be an actor from when he was a little kid, but unfortunately due to his father he was forced into Neo, and fed lies to make him believe that it was a better place.
2 - Scott's wolflike features were made due to experiments his father insisted on doing to him in anger.
3 - He has a fear of hights that came naturally to him.

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