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Updatedeptember 1,2013
Hello everyone its me supersoursky
Im starting the team called"TEAM DARK ILUSSIONS"
actually im not starting it at all im just the co-leader XD
the real LEADER is LFCAMMY
anyways you better read on if you want more info.

Q:Why am I forming this team?
A:well, its because its too hard to work alone and
we want more suggestions from other members

Q:Do you need to finish you work in time?
A:Yes, but be sure to take your time,for best results.

Q:Why should I join this team?
A:we dont force people to finish right away, and most importantly we are not creepy

Q:Do I get to be famous if i join your team?
A:It actually depends on our work so do your best.

What we are looking for:

ASM guy(s):maximum of 2)
A tileinserter! or two!!!(URGENT!!!!)
Or any other jobs you want

It is a story of a boy/girl( (depending upon what we choose to be) going on a journey to find his/her father who left in a journey on catching Darkrai. Why? well there's a reason behind it....
Wen he was a kid he always wanted to be a pokemon trainer and one day in other dimension Dialga and Palkia had encountered each other and began to fight, while they were fighting they came to his town and there was a huge destruction and the town was almost destroyed then there came a Darkrai and he tried to stop them and he send them to different dimension. SO by watching this he decided to catch Darkrai and after the birth of his second child(which is your little brother) he went for catching Darkrai...
Now we play as the first child and go in search for our our father's best buddy is a professor(EWAN) and he had a pokemon give away which is a first come first serve, you will now then submit a form to
prof.Ren which is a student of prof.Ewan.


Ivan-Your little brother, which also serves rivals to you,
your brother starts his journey late, because he forgot
to submit a form to Professor. Ren,his dream is to become the champion of the Newari region, but there
can only be one champion .

Prof.Ren-An old friend of yours a student of prof.ewan, which is also the gym leader of
Warmwind town,the professor that is going to give you your starter.

Shan-Your main rival,the nephew of the Elite four Kinjaru
his dream is to beat his newphew early seven, in order to achieve that goal,
Shan decided to become your rival.

Team Elysion leader ???-the main antagonist of the story,
his main goal is to capture the pokemon darkrai,he also used to be one of your Dad's friends
until your dad betrayed team Elysion and saved
Darkrai from the evil hands of Team Elysion.

Jesse&James-The trouble makers,the first goons the you will encounter
and wants to steal your Pokemon.

Elitefour Kinjaru-(ORIGINALLY MADE BY Silver Leagues Network,originally revamped by me)
the nephew of Shan, which is also one of the
elitefours of the region.

originally revamped by me)One of the elitefours

More characters will be uploaded soon stay tuned!
PLEASE dont steal THEM!!!!! they are made by me SUPERSOURSKY
(this trainer sprites are only for Dark Ilussion)


-I,II,III,IV and V gen pokemon mixed(Porbably gen VI too)
-All legendary from I-V gen available
-New tiles
-Day/Night System
-Gen V starter
-New story line
and many more
-run indoors
-some of gen1-6 pokemons
-fairy type
-New hero/heroine
-DS trainer sprites
-some asm hacks

Here is the form:
Best skill:
Contact Information:
Available time:
Proof of work:

current members:
Supersoursky(me)-co-leader,Graphic artist,misc.editing,tileset inserter
Hiperhazz-officer,titlescreen guy,lead scripting
zoroyoyo41-lead mapping,scripting2,bug fixing(yay)

if you have facebook add me here:
add the creator of the hack here:
Our banner:
please support us
Co-leader of the hack Dark Illusion
Graphic monsta of the hack Dark Illusion
Misc. Editor of the hack Dark Illusion

Hacks im currently working on :
Pokemon Dark Illusion
Pokemon Dark Illusion
HTML code:
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Supports are appreciated